Sorry dear Russian Citizens

Dear Russian Citizens,

We are sorry that we are currently unable to provide you with information about our whiskies. We know that it is not your fault that your president has unleashed a war against Ukraine with such vile energy. However, we are deeply saddened that the Ukrainian people are suffering so much. Yet they only want one thing: a life in freedom, a life in a democracy.
We know that Russia is a peaceful society and that it is the people who suffer the consequences, not the authorities. But we are dealing with luxury goods here. Goods that, in our experience, are only accessible to an establishment in Russia. Perhaps you feel that our reaction is not justified and perhaps you are saddened by it. We are also very sorry about that. Please help us all to change this. Tell your politicians, your MPs about it. Make them understand the absurdity of this war. Our understanding is that people want peace. Please understand our behaviour. We raise our glass to the Ukrainians, we raise our glass to the Russians. Peace!

You can find the latest information on what is happening in Ukraine and Russia here: Deutsche Welle – in Russian